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Padlet Somewhere between a doc and a full-fledged website builder, Padlet empowers everyone to make the content they want, whether it's a quick bulletin board, a blog, or a portfolio. Brainstorm sessions, community post- it note space, group collaboration and ideation, organize ideas and content Basic account free. Go to to sign up for an account.

Limited to 3 active padlets, but users can “archive” padlets to make space for new ones.
Answer Garden Answer Garden is a minimalistic feedback tool. Use it in the classroom as an educational tool or at work as a creative brainstorming tool. Answer Garden is for anyone interested in using an easy and powerful way to get brief feedback from a group. It works best with open questions that can be answered with short (one word) answers and preferably that one respondent can answer multiple times. Such as "What do you think you'll need to learn more about next year?" No signup necessary for you or your students. Simply go to, create a prompt, and share the link with your students.
DirectPoll Free online polling, through web browser or embedded in a presentation. Students can answer on smartphone, tablet, or laptop. When you want to ask your class questions and have the responses displayed in real time. No account signup necessary. Go to to get started on your poll. You will need to enter your email address so that you may receive the administrative link to the poll.
Kahoot! Kahoot! is a learning platform for building game-based learning experiences and interactions. Create your own game for any subject, in any topic, in any language in minutes. Combine quiz, polls, word cloud and other question types with slides. Host games live via videoconferencing or send self-paced games to engage students. host a game to assess current level of knowledge, identify gaps and adjust your plan accordingly. Use polls and word cloud questions to collect opinions and encourage reluctant students to have a say. Basic account free. Leveled accounts available, per teacher per month.
Mentimeter Mentimeter is a presentation software in which you can create fun and interactive presentations. Slides, quizzes, questions, polls, word clouds, all in one place. Interactive Q&A with audience upvoting Templates available. Basic account free. EDU pricing available.
Mural MURAL is a digital workspace for visual collaboration. Team members create post-it notes, add to online canvas. Over 100 canvas templates to organize content. Free workspace for teachers and students.
Slido Slido is a Q&A and polling platform for virtual meetings. Polling, quizzes Integrates with: PPT (Windows only), Google slides, Slack, Zoom, WebEx, GoogleMeet, Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans, YouTube, Facebook Live. Basic account free EDU pricing available.

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