Over 150 years of experience in education, healthcare and community services.

Saint George University of Beirut is a not-for-profit, higher learning institution that builds on over 150 years of experience in education, healthcare, and community service. It pursues academic excellence, encourages civic engagement and upholds the values of integrity, solidarity, and respect for diversity.

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SGUB provides a solid and evolving curricula in each discipline establishing pathways for multi-disciplinary foundations that expand skills and career options.




SGUB admits students based on their qualifications, irrespective of social, cultural, racial, religious, or financial considerations. SGUB takes into consideration several factors for admission, including secondary school completion, school records, scholastic aptitude and language test scores, and life experiences. SGUB accepts applications from local and international students.


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Nestled in the heart of Beirut, adjacent to Saint George Hospital University Medical Center, Saint George University of Beirut (SGUB) is a hub for students to grow, learn from experts, and become active citizens in their communities.

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