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The Faculty of Arts and Sciences prepares students for their post-graduate careers as humane innovators and societal mentors. It is a community of educators, administrators, and students who share the passion for personal and professional growth through discovery and cooperation.

The learning paradigm in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences revolves around student engagement, both inside and outside the classroom. Serving as an entryway to eminent post-graduate careers, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences incorporates real-world experiences through functional partnerships with various entities, particularly in the healthcare sector. Through its continuously improving curricular and pedagogical approaches to education, it lays the foundation for independent seekers of knowledge who habitually apply critical thinking skills while remaining committed to the central values of honesty, respect, and empathy.

Word from the Dean

We are living through challenging times, with health, socio-economic, and political upheavals that destabilize even the most resilient among us. These are all extrinsic challenges, ones that all of us, faculty members, staff, and students, already have the strength to face, to surmount. But we are not alone. We have families and friends who can offer solace. And we have each other, for we will be each other’s mentors, guides, facilitators, and staunch advocates. We will face these troubling times with unflagging wills and increased empathy, for together, we will not only survive, we will thrive!

Professor Hanna Fares

Word from the Dean


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