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The Saint George University of Beirut (SGUB) undergraduate programs offer support systems that will help you attain your personal and career aspirations.

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Apply to SGUB

The Saint George University of Beirut (SGUB), built on established traditions of education, healthcare, and community service, located adjacent to Saint George Hospital University Medical Center, in the heart of Beirut, is a vibrant place to learn, develop, and establish solid foundations for future careers and aspirations.
We are pleased that you have chosen to learn more about undergraduate studies at SGUB, and we hope that you will apply during the coming months. Please examine the provided information about the academic requirements, procedures, and deadlines before you complete your application.

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Admissions and Application

Dates for submission of applications for the academic year 2021-2022 are as follows:

Regular Application for Fall 2021 Semester: May 2 – August 13, 2021

SGUB offers admission to students based on their qualifications irrespective of social, racial, religious, or financial considerations. SGUB takes into consideration several factors for admission, including secondary school completion, school records, scholastic aptitude test scores, and life experiences. SGUB accepts undergraduate applications from local and international students.

The following students may apply to the Sophomore Class:

  • Applicants holding the official Lebanese Baccalaureate in one of the four academic tracks (GS, LS, SE, and LH).
  • Applicants holding a Technical Baccalaureate, yet they must major in the same undergraduate program as their technical degree.
  • Applicants who have completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma, the French Baccalaureate, or the German Abitur, after securing an official equivalence from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.
  • Applicants who completed two years of Canadian CEGEP.
  • Applicants holding the IGCSE in the required subjects (a minimum of five different subjects at the ordinary level and two subjects at the advanced level, or four subjects at the AS level, not including languages), after securing the official equivalency from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

A complete application includes:

  1. An Application Form.
  2. A non-refundable application fee of 100,000 LBP.
  3. A recent passport-sized photo.
  4. A copy of the identity card or passport.
  5. Grades 10-12 official school grades. These are typically included in the Application Form. Otherwise, applicants must submit a sealed and stamped envelope from the school(s) that contains the official transcript of Grades 10 and 11, and the available grades of Year 12.
  6. A certified copy of the official secondary school certificate for the Lebanese Baccalaureate or its equivalent (French Baccalaureate, International Baccalaureate, etc.) from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, when available.
  7. Official scores on SAT1, when available.
  8. TOEFL, IELTS, or SAT1 English Score.

SGUB is offering an English Proficiency Test that can be taken instead of the standardized tests. This exam will be taking place on SGUB premises on the following dates:

- Saturday, April 9, 2022; 10 AM - 12 PM.
- Saturday, April 30, 2022; 10 AM - 12 PM.
- Saturday, May 14, 2022; 10 AM - 12 PM.
The cost of this exam is 200,000 LBP.
To register for this exam, please send an email to admissions@sgub.edu.lb indicating your preferred date.



Applicants who do not attain the minimum required English proficiency scores but meet other SGUB admission standards and requirements, will be admitted, but must complete the Intensive English program.

Accepted applicants for the Fall 2021 semester will be asked to make a commitment by providing a 450,000 LBP enrollment deposit by August 31, 2021. This deposit is deducted from the tuition of students once they enroll.


SGUB uses a flat rate for calculating the tuition of full-time undergraduate students in the Faculty of Arts & Sciences. Every major/program has a cost per credit-hour; this credit-hour price is used to determine the tuition of students registered for fewer than 12 credit-hours, including during the summer session. Students enrolled in more than 12 credit-hours will only be charged for 12 credit-hours. Students are therefore encouraged to enroll in at least 15 credit-hours to achieve the maximum benefit from the flat-rate tuition; this flat rate is applied as long as students remain in Good Standing.

Financial Support

At SGUB, we have made it our goal to help you realize yours by offering a wide range of Financial Aid plans to qualified undergraduate students facing family and financial difficulties or constraints regardless of religion, culture, gender, or nationality. As a service to our community and society, we will provide financial assistance to ensure that students can afford a premier education at SGUB.

Accepting financial aid applications from June 1 to August 31, 2021.
For more information about Financial Aid Application please contact us on: admissions@sgub.edu.lb

Financial Support

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