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Introduction & Goals

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) prepares students for their post-graduate careers as humane innovators and societal mentors. The learning paradigm of FAS revolves around student engagement inside and outside the classroom. Serving as an entryway to eminent post-graduate careers, FAS incorporates real-world experiences through functional partnerships with various entities, particularly in the healthcare sector. The two programs that are being inaugurated in 2021 are Biology and Information Technology.

Information Technology - Emphasis in Health Informatics

The ABET-compliant Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program offers a strong foundation in Information Technology. The Emphasis in Health Informatics and Minor in Biology tracks provide exciting career options in general information technology and a competitive niche in the healthcare sector.

Program Administrator

Professor Marcel Karam
Chair of the Department of Information Technology

PhD in Computer Science - Dalhousie University, Canada

Researcher - TJ Watson, IBM, USA

Associate Professor – Department of Computer Science, American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Professor, Department Head, and Acting Director of Office of Quality Assurance - Kuwait College of Science and Technology, Al Asimah, Kuwait
Associate Dean for Accreditation, and Executive Consultant to the President - Taif University, KSA.


English is the major language of instruction at SGUB. All applicants should demonstrate an adequate level of English Proficiency prior to enrollment.


The Department of Information Technology offers a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program with the opportunity to concurrently engage and acquire expertise in sub-fields (Emphases) or other fields (Minors). The following structured programs are offered:

  • Health Informatics – Emphasis
  • Biology – Minor


3-year sample course plan - information technology (emphasis in health informatics)

Year 1 - Fall
Course Code Course Title Credits
ENGL 201 Academic English I 3
ITEC 280 Requirements Engineering 4
ITEC 201 Fundamentals of Programming I 4
STAT 207 Statistics for IT 3
BIOL 202 Multi-Disciplinary Science Foundations 3

Total 17
Year 1 - Spring
Course Code Course Title Credits
ENGL 202 Academic English II 3
ITEC 299 IT Liability, Compliance, and Risk Management 3
ITEC 202 Fundamentals of Programming II 4
MATH 201 Discrete Math 3
BUSI 201 General Business Principles 3

Total 16
Year 2 - Fall
Course Code Course Title Credits
CHUM 201 Cultures and Humanities Exploration I 3
ITEC 301 Web Programming 3
ITEC 330 Introduction to Networks and Cybersecurity 3
ITEC 350 Databases Modeling and Practices 3
BIOL 220 Contemporary Healthcare Issues 3

Total 15
Year 2 - Spring
Course Code Course Title Credits
ITEC 340 Operating Systems and Administration 3
ITEC 380 System Analysis and Design 3
ITEC 331 Fundamentals of Network Administration 3
ARAB 201 Academic Arabic 3
ITEC 470 Basics of Clinical Digital Health 3

Total 15
Year 3 - Fall
Course Code Course Title Credits
ITEC 401 Enterprise Cloud Systems 3
ITEC 491 IT Project Management 3
COMM 344 Communication & Presentation Skills 3
ITEC 460 Human Computer Interaction 3
ITEC 471 Methods and Tools in Health Informatics 3

Total 15
Year 3 - Spring
Course Code Course Title Credits
ITEC 499 IT Major Project 3
ITEC 451 Design and Programming of Databanks 3
CHUM 202 Cultures and Humanities Exploration II 3
ITEC 472 Data and Knowledge in Health 3
ITEC 473 Modile Health and Internet of Things 3
ITEC 492 Information Technology Practicum 1

Total 16

Graduates of the Information Technology program will have the ability to:

  • Analyze a complex computing problem and to apply principles of computing and other relevant disciplines to identify solutions.
  • Design, implement, and evaluate a computing-based solution to meet a given set of computing requirements in the context of the program’s discipline.
  • Communicate effectively in a variety of professional contexts
  • Recognize professional responsibilities and risks and make informed judgments in computing practice based on legal and ethical principles.
  • Function effectively as a member or leader of a team engaged in activities appropriate to the program’s discipline.
  • Use systemic approaches to select, develop, apply, integrate, and administer secure computing technologies to accomplish user goals.
  • Understand how cybersecurity issues affect decision in IT design and implementations and recognize and deal with the risks.
  • Understand how health informatics digital data, information, and knowledge are generated and managed for specific stakeholders and intended uses like health policy and planning (Health Informatics Track).
  • Understand and communicate effectively the uses of core health informatics concepts, tools and methods (Health Informatics Track).
  • Evaluate approaches to information systems and information technology that support contemporary healthcare in Lebanon and internationally (Health Informatics Track).

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