Faculty of Medicine


The Faculty of Medicine at Saint George University of Beirut provides a progressive and innovative medical education that engenders culturally diverse and humanistic physician leaders; graduates of the Faculty of Medicine are lifelong learners, socially responsible, and committed to improving global health through excellence in clinical care and pursuit of scientific discovery


The Faculty of Medicine aims to transform medical education by empowering learners to forge paths towards a healthier society, fostering innovation and excellence, and ensuring the highest standards of clinical care.

  • Transform: Cultivate a diverse and talented academic community that is committed to inter-professional collaboration and partnerships that refine medical education.
  • Empower: Motivate students and faculty members to pursue their passions, support them in their vocation as patient advocates, and engage them in the design of pioneering educational curricula and learning environments.
  • Innovate: Nurture outstanding and progressive clinical and research programs focused on delivering exceptional care to people and communities.


Our commitment to excellence and professionalism is guided by our core values that are rooted in respect and compassion.

  • Excellence: Students, faculty members, and staff perform their duties diligently and provide an outstanding quality; indeed, personnel are initiators of procedures and dialogue whose goal is the constant improvement of the Faculty of Medicine.
  • Accountability: The Faculty of Medicine personnel assume full responsibility for their actions towards each other, patients, and the community. In addition, the Faculty manages its resources equitably and transparently.
  • Ethical Conduct: The Faculty of Medicine accentuates mutual respect and promotes the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct.
  • Compassion: Students, faculty members, and staff relate to their community with care and empathy; their goal is to relieve all forms of human suffering.
  • Diversity: The Faculty of Medicine fosters a culture of inclusion and engagement while seeking diversity; it promotes equity and social justice.

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